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January 06, 2014

German Shepherd kennel von Zorbanic


The name

Zorro von Arlett, Barro vom Dammplatz and Nick van de Molenakker, are the tree most important dogs in my dog sporting life so far. Thats why I put my kennelname together of the first letters of their names. You will find information and photo’s of these dogs at this website.


My goal
My goal is to breed dogs that fit my ideal of a German shepherd meet. I breed very small. Primarily to meet their own needs. This I suggest great demands on the parents as regards health, sociality and all other good German Shepherd properties.
Of the dogs that are born basically I choose for myself first. Afterwards enthusiasts benefit from the dogs that remain.

It is undisputed that the dogs who leave are checked by the vet, their required vaccinations have received an international animal passport. They also have a pedigree of course, they are microchipped, dewormed and the owner
receives a puppy pack and a bag of food for the first week.

For more information and / or questions? Feel free to contact me.



I would like to say thanks to my son Jilles, who has a major part in designing this website and to everyone who extend a helping hand to me.

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I hope you enjoy yourself!!




Kees Duyndam.













P.S. : I proudly present you the passion of my wife:

Magic zur Worringer Rheinaue

Annouk von Zorbanic